How did it all start?

In 2014, Simon & Matt, having become a close friends through business activities, founded Feathers Motor Sport as a distraction from their busy day jobs, only to find that the team, having now won two championships and raced cars at Goodwood and the Algarve Classic Festival gaining 15 minutes of fame, that this is becoming a full time job with a great following of likeminded supporters.

Matt raced in the AMOC Intermarque championship in 2014 and in 2015.

Simon achieved one of his ambitions running FMS classic 1964 Ginetta G10 at the Goodwood 74th Members meeting in 2016 and hopes one day to participate in the Mille Miglia before this event ceases to exist.

Four years on, FMS has raced each year in the championship in the amazing Porsche 968s winning for the last two years and running 3 Porsches in 2016 and additionally procuring the very rare 1964 Ginetta G10 which raced at Goodwood 74th Members Meeting and the Algarve Classic Festival in 2016.

The interest in FMS activities has grown to such an extent that in 2016 the Team, running a total of 4 cars during the season has grown and at a big race have as many as 8 drivers, 3 engineers, 3 support members running pit boards and timing, and a catering manager and typically 25 supporters in the FMS garages.

This year FMS are racing in the AMOC Intermarque, Goodwood Members Meeting, Pau Iberian Historic Endurance & the Algarve Classic Festival.

For details of dates, please see the calendar or for any further information, contact

The Owners

Simon Rose

Matt Dietz

The Drivers

James Guess

James Hilliard

The Support Team

Gideon Dietz

Rob Hollyman

Tom Holland

Geoff Collins