Feathers Motorsport

Feathers Motor Sport ( FMS ) came to being after a discussion in the Feathers pub in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire in 2013

Simon and Matt discussed the possibilities of buying a car and “ going racing “

After a lot of searching they procured a car from Ninex Motor Sport and Simon procured a racing driver called James Guess.  Whilst the first year was supposed to be all about track days and racing, they went straight into the deep end, entering and enjoying the AMOC Intermarque Championship.

Four years on, FMS has raced each year in the championship in the amazing Porsche 968s, winning for the last two years and running three Porsches in 2016 and additionally procuring the very rare 1964 Ginetta G10, which raced at Goodwood 74th Members Meeting and the Algarve Classic Festival in 2016.

The interest in FMS activities has grown to such an extent that in 2016, the Team, running a total of four cars during the season, has grown and at a big race have as many as eight drivers, three engineers, three support members running pit boards and timing, and a catering manager and typically 25 supporters in the FMS garages.

Sponsors have been enthusiastic to get involved and have enjoyed benefits for their loyalty to our successes and been supportive, as it is inevitable in motor racing, to our disappointments.

This year FMS are racing in the AMOC Intermarque, Goodwood Members Meeting, Pau Iberian Historic Endurance & the Algarve Classic Festival.  For details of dates, please see the calendar or for any further information,  contact simon.rose@featherslifestyle.co.uk


Thomas Brown Property Management provide block and property management.

Flairtown Ltd is a private property investment company

Feathers Properties Ltd of which FMS is a subsidiary.

Kracker Ltd who provide events hosting and are agents to Jo Siffert Swiss watches.

Drive Espana who provide retail car tour experiences from the UK into Spain and Portugual

Boss Burgers a food chain outlet in the North of England

LMP law of Nottingham who provide speedy, easy and professional property law solutions

Commsquest is an outcome focussed communication and change agency.  We’ve worked across many industries and helped teams in Porsche, Unilever, Shell, EDF, Roche and Diageo to name but a few.
Our mission is to drive engagement and accelerate business change.

Cayman's only brewery and largest manufacturing facility. Their varied beers are highly regarded, having won numerous international awards.

From merchant bank to private bank.

Founded in 1833, we offer Private Banking, Wealth Management and Commercial Banking



Motor racing is an expensive sport and we are very grateful to our sponsors.

If you think that you or your company might wish to sponsor Feathers Motorsport, then please contact us to discuss possible sponsorship packages, and what you might get for your support.

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