Clay Pigeon Shooting is not just a sport, but a LifeStyle activity, which can be enthusiastically enjoyed by all ages.

We propose to offer the opportunity to shoot at a number of venues.

Feathers Motorsport Headquarters

Following the acquisitions of a ‘once in a lifetime property’ near Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, which has the unique ambience of being the headquarters of Feathers LifeStyle partner Feathers Motor Sport, where you can view not only their stable of race cars, but also a range of classic cars, many of which are available for purchase. We hope to offer this venue as an introduction to clay pigeon shooting, plus the ideal charity event environment.

Holland & Holland

Secondly, the Holland & Holland shooting grounds nearby Northwood, Middlesex, provide a range of stands which will challenge event the most experienced shooter. We eagerly anticipate at this site the opening of a new LifeStyle venue, that will satisfy even the most discerning of us.